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      Japan Hygiene Products Industry Association(JHPIA) is the industry organization formed by the companies engaged in manufacture and sale of the hygiene products and their materials.

Currently, the product areas our member companies are dealing cover medical/quasi medical products, medical devices and other general hygiene products.
More specifically, they are absorbent cotton, gauze, bandage, sanitary napkin, tampon, disposable diaper for both baby and adult, paper sheet and first-aid dressing.
We are proud that we have contributed to maintaining the national quality level of life including for medicine and care. We are all aware that our responsibilities are greater since the quick reaction to disasters and the provision of services and products needed by the elderly people are included in parts of our mission.

Because of this, we must pay an extra attention not only to quality and stable supply of products but to safety and environmental friendliness.

We are proud that we contribute to the people both nationally and internationally through supplying the hygiene products and are committed ourselves to further growth in the 21st century.

Michitaka Sawada
Chairman of JHPIA


Japan Hygiene Product Industry Association[As of Jun 14,2019]


Hamamatsucho TS Bldg 9F, 2-8-14 Hamamatsucho Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 105-0013
Telephone : 81-3-6403-5351 Fax : 81-3-6403-5350
Website : https://www.jhpia.or.jp
E-mail : info@jhpia.or.jp

Date of Foundation

December 28, 1950

Number of Members

Full member: 240 companies (including 2 cooperative associations)
Supporting member: 29 companies

Board Members

Chairman :   Michitaka Sawada (Kao Corporation)

Vice-Chairman :   Akira Yokoi (Yokoisada Co., Ltd.)
Yoko Furuyama (P & G Japan G.K.)
Hiroshi Hasegawa (Hasegawamenkou Co., Ltd)
Toshiaki Takatsu (Nichiban Co., Ltd.)
Masao Osaki (Osaki Medical Corporation)

Senior Managing Director
Secretary General :
  Shinya Takahashi

Managing Director :   Ichiro Oiso


Japan Hygiene Products Industry Association and its Committees
Japan Hygiene Products Industry Association conducts its operations with the basic principles of 1) strengthening of compliance, 2) response to environment issues, 3) information exchange and international cooperation in terms of technologies, industry standards and safety, and 4) enhancement of PR activities. Our activities are led by the following committees:

Policy Committee :

  Planning and examination of operational plans

  Constituent members: 13 members including the Chairman, Vice-Chairmen, committee chairmen and the Secretary General

General Affairs Committee : Hiromasa Iwatsuki (Iwatsuki Co., Ltd)

  Review JHPIA's organization and explore streamlining of operations

Finance Committee :Shunji Hitotsubashi (Hakuzo Medical Corporation)

  Planning of budgets based on the operational plans

Public Relations Committee : Shigeru Yamashita (Pigeon Corporation)

  Enhancement of Public Relations by improving JHPIA's website

  Effective use of opportunities for press announcements and preparation of publicity materials

  Promotion of better understanding based on voluntary standards and survey data

Environment Committee : Shinji Mori (Unicharm Corporation)

  Response to the Containers and Packaging Recycling Law

  Information collection on total waste disposal

  Study on a recycle-based society

Legal Affairs Committee : Takeshi Kawamoto (Kawamoto Corporation)

  Thorough implementation of GQP (quality control) and GVP (safety management) based on the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law

  Establishment and thorough familiarization of voluntary standards for household products not covered in the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law

Technical Committee : Yasumasa Amada (Hakujuji Co., Ltd.)

  Establishment and thorough implementation of standards such as voluntary antibacterial standards and sterilization standards

  Promotion and information collection of the GS1-128 barcode

  Approach to the global standards such as ISO

  Efforts on safety in cooperation with EDANA and IPA

Organization chart


Japan Hygiene Materials Industry Association


Chairman :   Hiroshi Hasegawa (President, Hasegawamenkou Co., Ltd.)

Vice Chairman :   Takeshi Kawamoto (Kawamoto Corporation)
Yasumasa Amada (President, Hakujuji Co., Ltd.)

This association conducts its operations in the areas of hygiene textile products (gauze, bandages, absorbent cotton, cotton swabs and cosmetic puffs). The following two divisions and two expert committees are established to conduct activities.


1)   Cotton Swabs Division

    Grasp of the current marketing situations, including those in related industries

2)   Cosmetic Puffs Division

    Grasp of the current marketing situations, including those in related industries


1)   Business Practice Improvement Committee

    Surveys on market trends and a grasp of the current marketing situations

2)   Technology Development Committee

    Improvement of quality technologies and pursuit of product safety, along with product development using new materials developed by technological innovation

3)   PR Committees

    Enhancement of Public Relations by improving JHPIA's website

    Preparation of publicity materials

Japan Hygiene Paper Industry Association


Chairman :   Yoko Furuyama (P & G Japan G.K.)

Vice Chairman :   Amada Yasumasa (President, Hakujuji Co., Ltd.)
Ryuta Hayami (Executive Officer, Marketing Division Living Support Business Div, Oji Nepia Co., Ltd.)
Yuko Iijima (Director R&D Division, Nippon Paper Crecia Co., Ltd.)
Shinji Mori (Unicharm Corporation)

This association conducts its operations in the areas of hygiene paper products (disposable diapers, sanitary napkins, sanitary tampons, hygiene paper and paper bed sheets) with 2 divisions and 2 expert committees.


1)   Disposable Diapers and Liner Manufacturers Division

    Improvement of quality technologies and pursuit of safety

    Measures for environmental issues and information exchange on the environment

2)   Sanitary Products Division

    Napkin Subcommittee

    Response to the issues on the labeling of sanitary napkins as well as disposal of used products

    Establishment of material standards in regard to applications for approval, and collection of other information on the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law

    Tampon Subcommittee

    Promotion of menstrual tampons

    Provision of information on the safety of tampons with regard to the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and the quality standards


1)   Public Relations Committee

    Promotion of products, including disposable diapers, sanitary products, tampons, liners and pantiliners, and better dissemination of information on the disposal of used products

2)   Steering Committee

    Solution of issues common to the two divisions and committee as well as the invigoration of industry activities, in order to contribute to the development of the industry

Japan First Aid Bandage Industry Association


Chairman :   Toshiaki Takatsu (President, Nichiban Co., Ltd. )

Vice Chairman :   Yasuhiro Kuki (President, ASO Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)

This association has two expert committees ー the Marketing Committee and the Management Committee ー to conduct activities, including market trend surveys on first aid bandages, and information exchange with concerned administrative authorities and organizations.


1)   Marketing Committee

    Consideration of the marketing of first aid bandages from various aspects, such as environmental and recycling issues, with a focus on surveys on market trends, including statistical surveys, and an understanding of current marketing situations

2)   Operations Committee

    Establishment of voluntary industry standards for first aid bandages, coordination with other industry organizations, and liaison with concerned administrative authorities

Japan Cleansing Wipes Industry Association


Chairman :   Masao Osaki (President, Osaki Medical Corporation)

Vice Chairman :   Rikiya Ishikawa (President, Daikoku Industry Co., Ltd.)
Koji Kato (President, Daiei Corporation)
Yuko Iijima (Director R&D Division, Nippon Paper Crecia Co., Ltd.)

This association is formed by member companies which manufacture and sell (or import) products or constituent materials of cleansing cotton, such as wet tissues, baby wet wipes, wet non-woven towelettes and wet paper towelettes. The following three divisions and three expert committees are established to conduct activities.


1)   Cleansing Cotton Division :

    Provision of information on quasi-medical cleansing cotton to consumers, mutual information exchange among member companies, and promotion of product penetration

2)   Wet Tissues Division :

    Promotion of safe products by such means as quality improvement and proper labeling based on voluntary standards

3)   Wet Towelettes Division :

    Main activities include ensuring safety and quality improvement of wet non-woven towelettes and wet paper towelettes, as well as information exchange among member companies with the purpose of a healthy development of the market


1)   Operations Committee

    Formed by the Chairmen and the Vice-Chairmen of the above three divisions as well as the two committee chairmen, for the purpose of properly responding to issues surrounding the Japan Cleansing Wipes Industry Association, in order to invigorate the activities and contribute to the development of the association

2)   Technical Committee

    Technology development, examination of test methods for the purpose of quality improvement of cleansing cotton products, and studies on safety

3)   Research and Public Relations Committee

    Through the website, provision of information to member companies in order to promote communication among them, while striving to improve consumer trust

Japan Face Mask Industry Association


Chairman :   Akira Yokoi (President, Yokoisada Co., Ltd.)

Vice Chairman :   Masayuki Tamagawa (Chairman, Tamagawa Eizai Co., Ltd.)
Yuji Uragami (Director, Department Manager, R&D Department, sales, Headquarters, Hakugen Earth Co., LTD.)
Hiroyuki Takahashi (Executive Officer, Senior Manager, Self Care Product Development Management Dept.Research & Development Division, Kowa Company,Ltd)

Established on March 24, 2005, this association aims to promote the proper labeling of masks and educate users, with the following two expert committees:


1)   Public Relations Committee

    Promotion of the widespread use and proper labeling of masks in accordance with voluntary labeling standards

2)   Technical Committee

    Studies on issues such as the standardization of test methods for filtering performance